Jadakiss Weighs In On Odd Future & Lil B. Predicts There Will Be A Gay Rapper "Very Soon"


In his 17 year career rapper Jadakiss has just about seen it all. Even now, as busy as he is with his own career, Kiss still keeps his ears open for new artists in the business.

In a recent interview with VladTV, the 35-year old Yonkers mc gave his opinion on Tyler The Creator Odd Future’s first week record sales and Lil B’s decision to name his album ‘I’m Gay.

Tyler ‘Goblin‘ moved nearly 50,000 copies according to Nielsen Soundscan in it’s debut week. When told about the possible sales figures [final numbers hadn’t come in yet when this interview was done]. Jada was impressed. and suggested Tyler could continue being successful as an indie artist.

That’s perfect, if he can do that on a consistent basis he doesn’t need the label,” Kiss said. “It’s all about finding a niche. And your first impression is everything. He started off like that and if he keeps at it, his following and fan base will grow.”

Lil B is another artist that has seen his buzz grow recently. His decision to name his next album ‘I’m Gay‘ has fuled a lot of the recent talk.

Kiss weighed in with his opinion of the West Coast rapper, and the controversial album title.

He’s got a nice core following. Some people might says he’s strange or he’s weird, but he does what he does and he’s passionate about it. I think he gonna be aight for himself,” Jada said. “He created a good controversy and they love his music as well so that all you need. [As far as him naming his album ‘I’m Gay’]. I think he’s gonna have all eues on him until he releases it. Especially when he says the meaning is that he’s happy. He’s gonna have some people on his back and some people with him.”

Jada lastly addressed the issue of gays in hip hop and whether or not we will ever see an openly gay rapper be successful.

I see that coming real soon. The gay community has a strong influence, not only on hip hop, but on the world in general,” he said. “They’re creating their own lane. They’re getting stronger. They’re doing their own thing.”



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