Good Friend Or Creepy? Woman Tattoos The Faces Of 152 Facebook Friends On Her Arm!


A woman in the Netherlands loves her Facebook friends so much, she tattooed 152 of their faces on her arm!

Most people don’t know 152 people they want to go to dinner with, much less permanently ink their faces up and down their arm.

The woman posted a youtube video of herself getting the tat she has dubbed her “social tattoo.”

Finishing my social tattoo with 152 pictures of my Facebook Friends!,she wrote on youtube. “Of course I gave it a lot of thought. These are not all my friends. Just the people I care most about. I got their permission and they were very proud to be on it. To me it represents who I am right now and the time we live in. And of course I love the looks of it.”

Check out th pics and tell us what you think.



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