Rick Barry Says All Of Lebron James’ Former Coaches Should Be Ashamed


The Dallas Mavericks were supposed to have a tougher time beating the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals than they did. While the Mavs celebrate, the Heat try to pick up the pieces and figure out what the hell went wrong. A team with Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Lebron James isn’t supposed to go belly up in a best-of-seven series, four games to two. Now the team has to diagnose whatever problems caused them to lose.

With the loss came a long line of Heat critics. The latest one being former NBA player Rick Barry. He spoke with The Rise Guys on KHTK in Sacramento recently and said the Heat should have swept the Mavs and that all of Lebron’s coaches should be ashamed for not teaching him proper fundamentals. During the interview Barry also pointed out several holes he sees in Lebron’s game.

His shot, first and foremost, because I think that’s where it all comes down to. If you don’t have confidence in your shot, it destroys the rest of your game. First of all the opponents can play you in a certain way, then back you out and take the drive away and say ‘there’ beat them with outside shooting. That’s his achilles’ heel. Then, little nuances, facing up, learning how to be the guy learning to use your first dribble to go by instead of everything off the dribble…learning how to use screens probably, then of course the coach running more plays for him where he can run off double and triple staggered screens, learning to curl it properly, learning how to do the little things in the game which, unfortunately, have not been taught to him, which I don’t blame him for. I blame the people who have coached him over the years. To have a talent like this and to not maximize the full potential of this talent is inexcusable and reprehensible to me and the coaches who have had him should be ashamed of themselves.

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Information from USA Today was used in this report.