Deep Fried Kool-Aid Anyone? Chicken Charlie’s Creates New Hot Selling Snack [Video]


As if Americans didn’t eat enough junk food as it is.

Charlie Boghosian
, the owner of Chicken Charlie’s fried-food cart is the creator of a new heart attack inducing snack, fried Kool-Aid.

The sweet treats made up of cherry-flavored drink powder, flour and water sold between 400-600 orders a day at the San Diego Fair’s opening weekend according to SignOnSanDiego.

That’s because it tastes so darn good,” Boghosian said.

It starts off tart and tangy, and then finishes really sweet… I love this stuff,” customer Seth Baldwin said.

If you’re looking for more deep fried oddities, Boghosian also sells fried Klondike Bars and Pop Tarts.

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