Sean Price Not A Fan Of Female Rappers "I Like None Of Them" [Video]


While Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim continue to duke it out for the title of best female emcee don’t expect Sean Price to cheer either of them on.

I like no female rappers… not one,” The veteran Brooklyn rapper told VladTV. “They don’t hold my interest except MC Lyte. I haven’t bought a female album since MC Lyte ‘Lyte As A Rock.’ Rah Digga gets busy too. But other than that, none of ’em.

Sean said he’s been tricked by one hit female wonders like Boss in the past and doesn’t plan on letting it happen again.

I’ve been fooled — you know how they will have a nice single. I was one of those dudes [that]if the single was good I’d buy the album. I got fooled a few times,” Sean said.

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