Check Out The Latest Music Video From Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Haze. He Have Potential Or No? [Video]


Chet Haze is one of the newer faces on the rap scene. The-21 year old has plans to make it big like every other rapper, if only he could get people to take him seriously.

Chet is the son of actor Tom Hanks. While being the son of a famous entertainer may open a lot of doors for you, it’s not going to help you win over fickle rap fans.

Chet had a small amount of success earlier this year with his song “White and Purple,” a remake of Wiz Khalifa’sBlack and Yellow.” He’s also gathered quite a few haters along the way.


The Northwestern University student says the non believers won’t stop him.

I don’t give a [bleep]what any of these haters may do or not. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. Like, honestly, getting a lot of negative attention has been something that I’ve been used to far, far before the drop of the mixtape or even, you know, the drop of my first song or being in the public eye. It’s just on a much bigger scale now,” he told ChicagoRedEye.


Chester “Chet” Hanks

Check out Chet’s latest video below and let us know if you think he should keep rapping or start looking for a day job.