Producer Jim Jonsin Says Eminem Surprised Him By Making “Space Bound” A Single


Producer Jim Jonsin has been behind the boards on a lot of hit records in recent years. He’s produced chart topping songs for everyone from Lil Wayne to Usher.

It’s safe to say that Jonsin has an ear for radio friendly tracks.

He recently talked with MTV about producing “Space Bound” for Eminem, his interpretation of the song and why he was surprised that Em picked it as a single

Me and Steve McEwan actually wrote the song, we actually did it here in New York on guitar — it was just a guitar vocal on an iPhone,” Jonsin said. “We took the idea later in Miami, like three months after, and produced the track, and we sent it out to Eminem to see what he thought about it. He loved it. So he interpreted it his own way. The chorus was based off of a chase, a guy who’s chasing after a woman that he’s crazy about. He loves her; she’s everything to him. I’m a rocket ship aiming at her heart, her heart’s the moon — I’m going full-on,” he explained. “I didn’t really believe that it would end up on Eminem’s album, let alone be a single.




Jim Jonsin Speaks On Producing Eminem’s “Space Bound.”