Rapper Scarface Still Locked Up For Being $123,372 In The Hole On Child Support Payments


Houston rapper Scarface has been behind bars since October 2010 for several cases of failure to pay child support. Judging from the most recent news out of H-Town, he might be there quite a while longer.

XXL is reporting that Uncle Face is being held for two active child support warrants totaling $123,372. In addition, he also faces two other child support charges as well as charges from the federal government.

Scarface came to prominence as a member of the Geto Boys in 1991, along with Bushwick Bill and Willie D, when they released the single “Mind Playing Tricks On Me.” Since then he has dropped 11 solo records, had classic guest appearances and is widely considered to be one of the best rappers ever.

We wish Scarface the best and hopefully this situation gets worked out sooner than later.

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