Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says Shane Mosely Warned Him He Should Have Manny Pacquiao Tested [Video]


Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be getting ready to face Victor Ortiz in September, but Manny Pacquiao’s name continues to be brought up.

Once again, the subject of performance enhancing drugs were a topic during a recent press conference. While Mayweather isn’t accusing Pacquiao of using PEDs, he did say that Sugar Shane Mosley advised him that he should make the Filipino fighter take a steroid test.

Pacquiao easily won a 12 round decision over Mosely when the two fought in May. Right after the match Mosely said he had never been hit harder in 54 professional fights. He later hinted later via twitter that he believed a story that had come to light, regarding a former Pacquiao sparring partner, who claimed he used to inject Pac Man with steroids.


Shane Mosely said ‘if I were you I’d make him take the test,’ Floyd told FightHub. “Basically saying before he went into that fight, he should have made him take the test.

It is fair to point out that Mosely himself was involved in a steroid scandal of his own. In 2003 he was linked to Balco Labs. The company that manufactured tetrahydrogestrinone (“the Clear”), a then-undetectable, performance-enhancing steroid.


Mosely has denied knowingly taking steroids.