Ca$his & Freddie Gibbs Go To War On Twitter


Twitter was the stage again for another rap beef. This time Shady Records artist Ca$his and CTE’s Freddie Gibbs squared off.

This actually started back in July of last year when Gibbs dissed Ca$his in an interview with Complex. Gibbs said he felt a certain way about Eminem not wanting to meet with him when he was shopping for a deal.

I guess it was disappointing because I saw he signed n*ggas like Ca$his and I was like, man, get the f*ck outta here. These busters can’t hold a candle to me,” Gibbs said at the time.

Today Ca$his dissed the rapper back, starting a war of words.

jeezy is the man… But @FreddieGibbs is horrible. Sounds like a wack ja rule tryna be twista, all while being constipated,” he wrote.

@TheRealCashis N*gga suck my d*ck,” Gibbs replied. “get off twitter and find a job so you can feed them 15 kids. U wanna see me come see me I’m out here.”

From there it was pretty much Ca$his going in, while Gibbs chose to remain silent.

@FreddieGibbs come c u? B*tch if u get touched, holice will b at my door… Uz a ho… U want rap beef. So rap beef it is… Fraud,” Ca$his tweeted. “and keep my kids out ur voca, or this is big n pac 2011… I never spoke on ur seed. I’ll end u b*tch, dont speak on my babies. ima make jeezy treat u like a f*cking leper,” he continued. “i see u shut the f*ck up about my kids doe… Now its back to rap…. Ima call u bettygibbs from now on ok :).”


We’ll keep an eye on this one, it could get interesting.

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