Dallas Hood Teens Create ”War Zone” Assaulting Police & Photojournalist W/Fireworks


 While most Americans celebrated 4th of July by shooting a few fireworks into the sky, Dallas police were dealing with an out of control mob of people shooting fireworks at them and a photojournalist.

This went down Tuesday morning (July 5). News 8 photographer Robert Flagg was the 1st on the scene at Creekside Villa apartments in Southeast Dallas. He says that at 1st the crowd was only shooting at each other until they saw him and started aiming his way.

Once I got there, I noticed it was just basically a war zone going on,” Flagg said. “The missiles — or whatever they were — they were hitting, they were bouncing off my chest and off my camera. One hit me in the back, and it burned my neck and it burned my shirt.”

Once police arrived on the scene they quickly realized they were outnumbered and had to call for additional back up.

Those officers that arrived were being shot at by fireworks,” said Dallas police spokesman Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse. “In fact, one officer who was actually hit by a bottle rocket in the arm. Once enough officers got there, the crowd dispersed. That’s considered aggravated assault, and it will be filed as that and will be investigated to its fullest, and hopefully we can find out who actually did it.

Apartment residents said this is what happens in the hood.

It’s every day; it’s every day,” said one tenant. “This is the hood. That’s how it go down every day.