Immortal Technique Says DL His Music For Free. Talks The Government’s Connection To Osama Bin Laden



Immortal Technique has been grinding hard for eleven years in the rap game. The 33-year old is also a political activist who has gained a cult following during that time span.

He was recently interviewed by Doggie Diamonds and said he was cool with fans downloading his music for free. He rationalized that it was only right due to record companies short changing artists for years.

Get on the internet and just steal my music off of it, because I really don’t care about that,” he said. “I’ve had some arguments with executives about that. And I think that they have a lot of audacity — accusing kids of robbing music when they’ve been robbing artists for years. Even now it’s come up that they were taking royalties under the guise of of licensing of past catalogs. It’s just an embarrassment for them to be using the word ‘steal’ when realistically speaking, they’re the biggest thieves and gangsters in this entire business,” he continued. “They make everybody that rhymes aboutv doing gangster sh*t look pathetic with in terms of the amount of money they’ve stolen and the amount of culture that they have robbed from our people.


Peep the rest of the interview where Immortal talks about the American’s government’s connection to Osama bin Laden and much more.

Immortal Technique Says Downloading Isn t Stealing, Record Execs Been Stealing From Artist For Years!