Jay-Z Says Criticism Of President Obama Is "Fair"


When you’re the President of the United States being second guessed and criticized comes with the job. And when the country is going through hard economic times, people generally fault the commander-in-chief, fair or not.

Obama is bearing the brunt of the blame for the nations’ bad economy. His job approval rating according to Gallup is at 46%, down from 50% in June.

According to statistics gathered by the Wall Street Journal, a president wants to be in the 48% approval range on Election Day to be in a comfort zone. Anything less than that then it gets dicey.

One of Obama’s strongest supporters spoke out recently about the criticism he’s has been receiving, and gave a surprising answer.

He’s the president, it’s fair.” Jay-Z told Billboard at his “Watch The Throne” listening party Thursday. “You gotta fix [the country’s current climate]. Can’t fix it all in one day. Numbers don’t lie, it’s f*cked up out there. Unemployment is still high.”

Actor Matt Damon, who recently jumped off the Obama bandwagon had some not so nice words to say about him on the Piers Morgan show back in March.

I really think he misinterpreted his mandate,” Damon said at the time before criticizing ignoring the poor. “[He] didn’t even say the word ‘poverty’ in his State of the Union address even though you’ve got millions of people languishing in it.

Seems like some people are cooling on the idea that Obama is going to cure what ails this country. Are they jumping off the bandwagon too soon?

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