Dame Dash Recalls Notorious B.I.G. Blazing 60 Blunts During Session For "Brooklyn’s Finest" [Vid]


Weed smoking and rapping seem to go hand in hand, or at least it seams that way. For every non-smoker like a 50 Cent or Kendrick Lamar, there are probably at least 10-15 other rappers that love the sticky icky.


Notorious B.I.G. was a big fan of the herb and smoked a lot of it according to Dame Dash, who recalled the making of the Jay-Z and Biggie collaboration “Brooklyn’s Finest” for VH1.

I remember Biggie getting so much weed,” Dame recalled. “First he asked Lil Cease to go get a box of cigars. And I was like ‘why do they need all them cigars? What the f*ck is going on?’ And then somebody came with a lot of jars of weed and they rolled [it up]. I couldn’t believe the amount of blunts they had — I’ve never seen nothing like that in my life!” Dame said. “I was like ‘there is no way you’re going to smoke all that. It just can’t happen.’ I’m not exaggerating he had like 60 joints and he smoked all of them.


If the story is true that has got to be some kind of record. I’m not sure how many hours the recording session lasted, but there is only so high a man can get.


Biggie Smalls really was the illest.

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