50 Cent Reveals Kidd Kidd Is On Title Track Of New Album. Speaks On Kidd’s Recent Shooting [Video]


In early June New Orleans rapper Kidd Kidd was shot six times in an apparent robbery attempt. Luckily he survived and is well on his way to recovery.

wuzzam man thank yall for keepin me in yall prayers n*gga hit me six times but dey aint stoppin nutin b*tch ass n*gga get ur refund I aint dead,” Kidd Kidd tweeted a couple of days later.

The situation is eerily similar to 50 Cent’s life story. The G-Unit boss talked to MTV about that while in Atlanta on the set of Tony Yayo’sHaters” video. He said that instead of moving away from Kidd Kidd, the situation made him identify with what he was going through even more. He also revealed that the rapper is on the title track of his new album.

He’s actually on my album, the title track,” 50 told MTV. “He got shot after we recorded that first song. Them boys down in New Orleans, they’re active. It’s a lot goin’ on down there, and because I experienced it, I didn’t move away from it. I actually ID’d with the situation a little more. He got hit six times, he got a bag on now,” 50 said as Kidd Kidd lifted his shirt to reveal a colostomy bag. “Columbia, when that situation took place with me, they walked away from me just because they’re not familiar with the actual environment and what happens at different points. It don’t make me no difference: I understand it.

Kidd Kidd said he is happy to be down with somebody like 50.

It’s a blessing getting down with Fif. It’s real, it’s all love,” he said. “There ain’t too many real people in the industry, period. I’ve been around a lot, and right now it’s time. I never felt like this before.

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