Kim Kardashian Diagnosed W/Psoriasis “Imagine What Tabloids Would Do If They Saw These Spots”


Kim Kardashian’s entire career has been based off of her good looks and killer body. What happens if that gets taken away from her?

The reality tv star/model was recently diagnosed with psoriasis, an incurable skin disease that affects 7.5 million Americans according to The National Psoriasis Foundation. The disease causes red, flaky patches to appears all over a person’s body, but usually not the face.

While certainly not life threatening, you could see how this could negatively impact a model’s career.

Psoriasis!? I cannot have psoriasis,” Kim told her dermatologist on Sundays episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “People don’t understand the pressure on me to look perfect. When I gain a pound it’s in the headlines. Imagine what the tabloids would do to me if they saw all these spots. I have to wear a sports bra and I have this rash all over my stomach. What will the producers say? In a photoshoot they can just photo-shop it out but this is on video. They can’t hide this.”

Kim got the hereditary autoimmune disease from her mom Kris, who has had it for 25 years.

If Kim K can’t model what would she do for a living?






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