Raekwon Reveals That Cee Lo Green Will Play Role Of His Father In Upcoming Bipoic



Raekwon The Chef has been hard at work on the script for a movie based on his life for the past year. Today he revealed that he’s already cast one of the lead characters.

Chef told XXL that Cee Lo Green, would be playing the part of his dad.

“Cee Lo Green [is]playing my pops in the film,
” Chef said. “Cee Lo is gon’ play Raekwon’s ol’ dad! [He’s] a good friend of mine. When I called him and told him about it he was just overwhelmed. He’s just one out of the greats that’s gonna be on the project.

The working title of the upcoming flick is ‘C.R.E.A.M.‘ In it we will see how Raekwon rose up from the mean streets of New York City, to become one of the most respected rappers in the game as part of the Wu Tang Clan.

According to XXL, the the script is near completion and 60% of the roles have already been cast.

Chuck English
of The Kool Kids, is one person Rae is considering for the role of himself as a youth.

Chuck of The Cool Kids, that’s my dude, good dude, but he’s still gotta go in for casting purposes to see if he really could make a debut in a great way,” Raekwon said.

Whether the film will hit theaters or go straight to dvd is still undecided. Raekwon is currently in talks with Lions Gate, in the hopes the movie will make it to the big screen.

We’re definitely going for the theaters,” he said. “The people that are gonna be involved with it definitely feel like it’s a great picture, and there’s a definite possibility it’s a Lions Gate film.

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