Cool Or Creepy? Peep The New $15,000 Gold Plated, Diamond Encrusted Contact Lenses



The latest in designer contact lenses will put a twinkle in your eye and lighten your wallet considerably at the same time.

Shekhar Eye Research has developed new custom-made, gold-plated contact lenses that feature 18 diamonds. They retail for $15,000.

Creator Chandrashekhar Chawan, predicts the contacts will become a big hit for those not satisfied with simply wearing jewelry on their bodies.

I got mixed responses — some said its looks scary, but most of the people loved it,” Chawan told “Bollywood personalities loved the concept, that it’s going to be ‘in thing’ in fashion soon. Look at Lady Gaga and her followers. People take time to digest [new fashion], until some celebrity starts using it.


Although the contacts look like they might be uncomfortable to wear, Chawan claims they are perfectly safe. He uses Chandra Boston Scleral lenses, a product normally used to treat eye illnesses, to hold the jewelry part of the lenses in such a way that it does not touch on the cornea.

It probably won’t be long before a rappers try this out, so let the countdown begin.

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