Prodigy Says 9/11 Was Ritualistic Murders Carried Out By The Illuminati & Obama Is One [Video]



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Never one to shy away from discussions about the Illuminati, Freemasons, and secret societiesProdigy of Mobb Deep was a guest on the Alex Jones Show today.

Among the topics discussed were the 9/11 attacks and President Obama.

My view on [Obama] number 1, is you can’t be a President of the United States unless you’re a part of this bloodline that they got going on that goes all the way back to European royalty,” P said. “They got this bloodline going on and whether people believe it or not, it’s very real. You will not be an American President unless you are linked and a part of this bloodline and Obama is. That’s why he was placed where he is now,” Prodigy further explained. “I heard people say ‘well all humans are related.’ Nah I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about first, third, fourth, fifth cousins. Like this is your family. Obama is a part of that whether he knows it or not. I can only assume and look at the facts. From what I see he’s down with this conspiracy to rule the world basically. To brainwash people and to kill people… genocide. Everything that’s going on out here that is just so fantastic you really don’t want to believe it — Obama is down with it.”

Peep the rest of the interview below as P talks more about the Illuminati and why he believes they carried out the 9/11 attacks as part of a satanic ritual.