Transcend: Art & Music Exhibition [Pics]


 Pirate’s Cove in North Myrtle Beach, SC hosted the Transcend: Art & Music Exhibition.This event featured some of the Grand Strand’s top Artists on the musical & artistic level .Transcend: Art & Music featured an amazing array of artwork throughout the building while being able to see some of the best local music groups & solo artists perform onstage.  Like always, we were fashionably late but on time.

Upon arriving, C-N-C had the crowd rocking! This act is always a locals favorite & sure to get you moving. The local legend Sunni G graced the stage with his unique sound & energy. Known on the Grand Strand originally as a member of the Hip Hop group; B-1NZ. This solo artist has definitely come a long way.

The local  Art Work was amazing. It spoke with such a passion! Many pieces had a Political standpoint to them. Considering today’s economy, a fitted meaning considered.  Other pieces had more of an abstract vibe going on. Every individual piece beautiful in it’s own way. Much respect to the artists who took the time to create & share their masterpieces.

As for the venue itself, Pirates Cove was extremely hot & humid. Cover charge was $5 at the front door, but free coming in thru the back entrance. Hmmm, makes no sense. Only 3 bartenders serving warm beers after waiting 20 minutes in line  at the inside bar. Luckily if you have been to this venue before, you would know there is an upstairs outdoor rooftop bar area. Once heading outdoors & upstairs to get some fresh air, we realized there was as much popping up there as indoors. Overlooking Ocean Drive & Main Street we were greeted with a live dj, hookah lounge/chill area, dance floor & a tiki bar serving Cold beverages! To wrap it up, apart from the bar service & lack of A.C. the art & music was wonderful & the unexpected ambiance upstairs was a plus. Hope to see this event a regular on our locals calander!

Shouts Out to Now or Never Entertainment, Gaph, C-N-C & The Big Ass Bunny Mascot that was running around everywhere despite the Heat & Humidity!

Event Review By: Marcia Management


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