Frank Ocean f. The Roots “Bad Religion [Jimmy Fallon Performance]”


Frank Ocean made his new album, Channel Orange, available for streaming Monday night, posting his solo debut on Tumblr with the simple message, “Enjoy” — thus letting fans, and countless curious Googlers, do just that a week before the record’s expected delivery. The album prematurely hit iTunes around the same time, Billboard notes. So listen to it, buy it — and somebody send a congratulatory muffin basket to the Odd Future crooner. Since blogging that his first love was a man, Ocean, who’s written songs for everyone from Beyonce to Bieber, has become an overnight icon — discussed as a “game-changing” figure in R&B, praised by Beyonce and Jay-Z. And the dude’s also savvy enough to ride this wave of publicity towards an album release to remember.

The iTunes sale was announced during Ocean’s appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Monday — and as Entertainment Weekly reports, that premature debut had actually been scheduled for weeks. AsLate Night booker Jonathan Cohen told EW: “Frank’s appearance on the show was on the books for almost two months, well before his letter last week.” That said, Joie Manda, the president of Def Jam, Ocean’s record label, stressed that Ocean’s coming-out was not part of their promotional scheme. “You have to understand that Frank’s letter last week was in NO WAY intended to impact the marketing of this record. Like all things with Frank, it was a carefully measured, very personal decision,” Manda wrote the magazine in an e-mail.

But back to the music. It’s what’s always caused a (rightful) fuss over the 24-year-old. Channel Orangefollows his acclaimed 2011 mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra, and Ocean performed new album track, “Bad Religion,” Monday on Fallon. The singer took the same stage his Odd Future pals (and some ceramic gnomes) stormed the year before. The Roots accompanied him. So did a string ensemble. But the emphasis was on Ocean, who slipped between his solid tenor and a plaintive falsetto, while telling the song’s tale of unrequited love. (“I could never make him love me.”)

 Check out Ocean’s performance posted below. Watch it:


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