Mixtape DJs getting Punked By Major Label Artists


I have been wanting to address this bullshit for awhile but I wanted to see the direction it went in. Well it seems to be going in the wrong direction the way Mixtape DJs are getting Punked by Major Label artists releasing mixtapes without a DJ. Im not talking about the unofficial mixtapes that are being released by unknown DJs that I wont mention their names, I am talking aboutOfficial Mixtape Releases WITH NO DJ. Mixtape DJs this is how you are getting punked. You give the Major artist slots on your mixtapes and you play his or her tracks in the club and when they start to really blow up they say , F — the DJs I don’t need them anymore. Im going to release mixtapes without a DJ. This my fellow Mixtape DJ friends is how you are getting shitted on, and it needs to stop.  I don ‘t care what DJ hosts whoevers mixtape, but I do care when the artists go around the DJs and try to push me off my corner so to speak.

That ain’t the way things are supposed to be but it will continue to get worse until you flaky got your head up your ass dumb follow the crowd Mixtape DJs stop supporting these artists that are pulling this shit. Pay attention if you see Major Mixtape releases from certain artists and no DJ hosting or mixing down the Mixtape  then you know that artist doesn’t give a damn about a DJ. And you as a representative of the craft need to boot that Major Artist off all your Mixtapes and Never play his tracks in the club ever again. Trust me there is no shortage of rappers on the come up to replace these lame artists pulling this shit. Together we are strong as individuals we are weak. Be Strong,  Retweet,Facebook Share and Re post

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Written by: DJ Fade

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