Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby (Zumba Remix) | Video


 Guys, Vanilla Ice is really back with a brand new invention. He has taken his seminal (read: only) hit “Ice Ice Baby” and turned it into a song for Zumba class.

The remix of the 1990 classic is an official collaboration with Zumba, Billboard reports. Zumba’s music director told that site that the song will reach “12 million people basically in a week,” which means we may have a movement on our hands. (The tune is already available in iTunes.)

The MC, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle, has found a new life in home renovation. He recently appeared on television to discuss his winning strategies for flipping homes, a career that has been documented on “The Vanilla Ice Project,” a reality show.

It’s great to see Ice finding his stride. As he told HuffPost in March, it took a long time for him to come to terms with his rap career. “I hated myself, I hated the image,” he said.

Times have changed. “Hey, our generation is running the entire world,” Ice said.


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