50 Cent Sues Sleek Audio For $346,429


Rapper 50 Cent doesn’t like what he’s hearing from his headphones.

The “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” rapper is suing the former makers of his Sleek by 50 wireless headphones for a third of a million dollars, plus any future interest.

Sleek Audio LLC struck a deal with the singer — whose real name is Curtis Jackson — in 2010. At the time, Jackson loaned the company $285,000, according to Florida’s Bradenton Herald .

A year later, the company unveiled the headphones at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

But now Jackson wants his $285,000, plus $61,429 in back interest, to be paid back since, he says, Sleek was supposed to start repaying the loan once the company reached $750,000 in sales revenue, which reportedly happened in February 2011.

For their part, Sleek Audio reps have said their loan with Jackson was voided when he went to a competitor  — SMS Audio — with their idea.

“Sleek would have NEVER borrowed money from Jackson or allowed him to invest in its company had it known that Jackson would ultimately use this tactic [of misusing the money]to steal its design, technology and headphones,” the company stated in documents obtained by the Herald.

It seems likely that Jackson will be awarded the money, according to a local foreclosure attorney who reviewed the case’s documents.

“Celebrities get involved in these all of the time, and they have been known to make bad investments,” Joseph Lehn told the paper. “Anybody who makes an investment takes a risk. In this case, it was smart by 50 Cent to make some of the clauses written in.”

When they first appeared, the headphones were lauded by Rolling Stone  as the “latest in listening.” With a 60-foot wireless range, they were reportedly built with military-grade carbon fiber.

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