They came, they saw, and they conquered. During July 27th-29th, 180,000 dance music lovers from around the world made the pilgramage to the sleepy little Belgium town of Boom for an experience to top them all.  What they got was not just an experience but an exquisite exercise in dance community development.  Over the course of 3 days, Belgium promoters ID&T [Sensation, Mysteryland] pulled out all the stops at Tomorrowland, transforming a giant nature reserve into a modern day fairy tale.  The top names in the industry dominated 16 stages spread across nearly 5 square acres of untouched forest while thousands of fans gathered en masse to celebrate the sounds that are defining a generation.

Endless fireworks displays, cart pushing bubble vendors, flower petals raining from the sky, free carnival rides, underground and above water stages, the Dreamville camping area, a Church of love- Tomorrowland was a kind of Disneyland for adults if you will.   Everything from the remarkable main stage featuring a high def back projection of the talking Book of Wisdom down to the golden charms on the wristbands that read “made with love” revealed an attention to detail unseen before at any American festival.    But what was perhaps most noticeable was that ID&T’s passionate efforts created an overwhelming sense of community and togetherness, full of love and respect for the music.  It wasn’t about how you looked, or how furry your boots were, or how many drugs you were on- at every turn it was about the music, first and foremost.

Belgium favorites Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike couldn’t have got it more right with the title of their second official Tomorrowland theme song, Tomorrow Changed Today. Tomorrowland changed our today by setting a festival precendent for promoters worldwide. In a short 7 years, Tomorrowland has inarguably become Europe’s, if not the world’s, best dance music festival. Check out the video below for a recap of this epic event.

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