SHOCKING NEW TREND: ‘Bagel Head’ Saline Injections


Is the look of having a bagel stuffed under one’s forehead skin “cute?”

According to National Geographic, some trendy youngsters in Japan think seem to think so — and they’re proving it by having giant saline bubbles injected into their foreheads.

“Bagel heading,” as the procedure is being called, can be performed at registered body modification clinics – the type of place that administers piercings and tattoos.

It involves injecting approximately 400cc of saline, a sterile salt water solution safe for the human body, directly into a person’s forehead with a needled and then slow IV drip.

The large bubble takes about two hours to form completely, at which point the body artist removes the drip and presses a thumb into the middle of the blob (or blobs.)

This produces a large, bagel-like shape on the person’s forehead. The effect is only temporary though – the saline is absorbed back into the body within 24 hours.


Check out the video below to see how it’s done:


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Credit: Lauren O’Neil, Bizarre, National Geographic