Gun store reports 400% surge in gun sales day after Obama Re-Election


Lexington, Ky. – Buds Gun shop in Lexington is reporting a spike in gun sales since President Obama was re-elected.

Customers are expressing the fear of new legislation to employees at Buds.

“I think they’ve got a lot of stuff in the pipelines and they’ll probably make it a lot tougher to get them. I also think it’ll make it a lot tougher to use them, ” says Paul Sherwood, a gun supporter.

Sherwood’s fear is shared by many gun supporters, who have helped boost business at Buds after Election Day.

“It was the largest day that we’ve ever had, ” says Joe Murphy, owner at Buds.

Murphy says they sold over 2,000 guns the day after Election Day. Murphy says on a normal day, they sell about 600 guns.

Murphy doesn’t think the spike in sales is all a result of President Obama getting re-elected, “I think a lot of it is fear of the economy. That’s the trend we’ve been seeing over the past six to twelve months has been more fear of the environment and what’s going on socially. There’s been more break-ins. We’re seeing a lot more first time handgun owners.”

Gun sales also increased in 2008, after Obama became President. Murphy says the spike this time around is much greater, especially when it comes to assault rifles, “Probably from his comment during the debate , where he said he was going to look into an assault weapons ban. I think that’s probably what created the surge.”

Sales have returned back to normal at Buds, but customers are paying close attention to President Obama’s moves.


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