Oh hell no! it’s raining spiders!!!



100% chance of spider showers…

This ‘rain of spiders’ was filmed in Santo Antonio da Platina last sunday by local resident Erick Reis.
“I was shooting an engagement party for some friends of mine and I saw the spiders when I was leaving, now in the late afternoon. I’ve never seen anything like it before”
Erick said that the spiders were trapped in webs and moved a lot. “Well even stranger, I was so distracted that I forgot my camera in the rain.
A biologist who specializes in spiders of the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUC-PR), Marta Fischer, examined the video and said that the phenomenon is normal and occurs mainly in the cities of São Paulo. “This type of spiders are known to be quite social.
They are usually in trees during the day and in the late afternoon and early evening construct a sort of giant sheet of webs, in order to trap insects. Check out the video below:

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