Featured Model: Stacey Banks – 3 Ethnic Groups, 1 Sexy Identity!



Stacey Banks is a young twenty – three year old model and actress. She comes from an Italian, Native as well as African-American heritage. She was born in British-Columbia and comes from a large family of four brothers and herself. From a very young age she demonstrated an interest in music as well as creativity and artistry. At the tender age of three, Stacey Banks was enrolled in professional dancing; practicing all styles that include jazz, tap and ballet. She practiced song, dance, acting, poetry and a love for many musical instruments. However her passion was to always get into modeling.

After a divorce at the tender age of nine, her mother as well as younger brother moved to Toronto, Ontario where they started living their new life with visitations back to their parent’s birthplace Nova Scotia. The big city of Toronto was a lot to get used to; however living there exposed her to learning piano and violin. Though there were many trials and struggles in her and her family’s life, they kept a strong bond with God. At the age of 16 she danced for Chris Brown’s concert at the Hershey center in 2006. With more connections built in high school with cheer leading and dance, she started merging herself into the entertainment industry. At the age of 18 she began to take her passion seriously and began her craft in front of the camera lens.

Now Stacey Banks currently resides in Toronto, Ontario where she dedicates her life to the art of modeling while remaining professional and humble at all times. She’s participated in many video shoots, photo shoots, hosted parties all over the GTA and traveled throughout the states dedicated to getting the best shot. She is currently enrolled in college majoring in Fashion Management where she plans to earn her degree. She also wants to further herself by advocating for abused and battered women/children as well as hold seminars dedicated to young women dealing with self worth issues. Stacey continues to grow and promised her and supporters to stay humble and focused. She has had numerous doubters in her past but instead of knocking her down she still continues to rise over the negativity to accomplish a positive outcome. Alongside with her intelligence, strong family and faith in God, Stacey Banks is headed straight for success.

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