Say It Aint So: Rick Ross & Jay-Z “Devil is a Lie” Beat was Stolen?!



The controversy surrounding the beat for Rick Ross and Jay Z’s collaboration “Devil Is A Lie” may have finally been cleared up. In a recent interview with XXL, producer Major Seven explains how the beat was stolen and his long history with K.E. on the Track.

Even after K.E. released a video explaining the making of the “Devil Is A Lie” beat, Seven reveals that the version released to the public is not in fact the original version of the beat:

The actual beat that I submitted actually sounds better as far as quality wise because he tried to replay the drums, but they aren’t the same quality as the one that I used. And [he]tried to change the 808s to a bass. The original one is actually better.

According to Seven, he sent the beat to KE for “constructive criticism” in January.  attempted to sign him to his production company, Beat Mechanics but his manager, legendary R&B singer Keith Sweat stopped the deal. KE allegedly attempted to get 40 percent of Seven’s publishing and when he refused to sign “that’s when he got upset and pretty much blacklisted me and just took the track.”

According to Major Seven, he sent the beat to K.E. on the Track in January  for “constructive criticism.” Seven maintains he will eventually release his own video breaking down the making of the original version of “Devil Is A Lie”. Watch the Video from K.E.

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