Victor Ortiz gets KO for the 3rd Time in Row! Oscar de la Hoya tells him to “RETIRE”


Boxing: Victor Ortiz vs Luis Collazo

Victor Ortiz didn’t say much after his loss to Luis Collazo, but he’s not making a big deal out of his KO-2 defeat, his third straight setback.

Ortiz (29-5-2, 22 KO), who may reveal more soon (or not so soon), wasn’t saying anything dramatic after the fight, in which he was caught with a right hook, went down, and didn’t respond to the referee’s ten count.

“I’m good,” said Ortiz, who turned 27 today. “I got caught. No big deal. It happens. I put my heart out there.”

“Heart” has been a consistent question about Ortiz since a 2009 loss to Marcos Maidana, after which he said in a post-fight interview that he wasn’t sure if he “deserved” to be getting beaten up the way he was that night. After a 2011 win over Andre Berto where Ortiz showed a lot of resolve, he’s now lost three in a row to:

  • Floyd Mayweather, after Ortiz lost his control of his emotions and headbutted Mayweather, leading to the bizarre “sucker punch” KO;
  • Josesito Lopez, after Ortiz pulled himself out of the fight understandably after fighting through a broken jaw;
  • and now Collazo, with Victor seemingly a bit shy about getting cracked in that jaw after an 18-month layoff.

It’s really hard to predict what Ortiz could do from here. He’s talented, but has major technical flaws as a fighter that Collazo (35-5, 17 KO) says he studied and thus exposed, such as Ortiz coming in very wide and leaving himself open to counters. Collazo’s right hook was well-timed and landed hard, but it’s not like Ortiz instantly went down. He turned his back, stumbled, and went down. Surely he was wobbled and his balance was off, but it seemed he could have gotten up. And it seemed he just didn’t want to.

The “Golden Boy” himself was once considered the blueprint on which to build Victor Ortiz’s career. Now, as Ortiz is literally minutes away from turning 27, De La Hoya says that he believes Ortiz should retire from boxing following a devastating KO-2 loss to Luis Collazo:

De La Hoya has long been a major supporter of Ortiz’s career, taking what seemed like an unusually big interest in promoting him, even considering that, you know, Oscar is Victor’s promoter. He took Ortiz on Piers Morgan’s CNN show in 2011, notably, and went out of his way to push Ortiz as a special fighter and potentially big-time attraction for the sport.

It just hasn’t worked out, and Oscar seems to realize that. It may not be long before we hear if Victor Ortiz has future plans for boxing, but the early guess would be that he might be truly ready to give up the sport and move on to other things. The desire, it would seem, just isn’t there anymore.

Watch the Knockout:

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