Hip Hop Fashion Trends: What’s Hot for 2014?



For several years hip hop fashion has been one of the most defining trends in style. The music, the clothes, the hairstyles and the attitude all combine to create an indelible personal look. Just like any trend, however, this particular style changes from season to season and year to year. Let’s take a look at some of this years current trends, so none of us will have to suffer a substandard look.



Of course, clothing is always the industry that those in-the-know look to in order to gauge current trends. This year, some of the best styles have centered around a few basic wardrobe staples.

Leather pants are making a comeback. However, these are not the leather pants you might be used to. Gone are the skin tight looks and in their place are loose fitting pants in the comfortable, boyfriend style. Men can go with the longer style with a relaxed fit, and women can opt for a style that’s more fitted through the waist and hips.


Camo is also poised to make a return this year. Retailers specializing in hip, urban style clothing are busting out this popular print, but they’re staying away from the traditional military look usually associated with camouflage. Look for this print on everything from sexy, high waisted pants and shorts for her, to hip cargo and trouser styles for him.

As is usually the case, snapback caps, chunky jewelry and bold makeup styles will always be in style!


Shoes may be the most important part of a look, and this year is no exception. Look for familiar brands, and amp up your style with colors and patterns. Gone are the neon hues of last season; in their place we can expect to find muted colors amped up with paint splatter or other unusual patterns.

Look for sneaker styles to change a bit this summer and fall, as well. Streamlined designs will continue to become tighter, but the low profile skate shoe is also poised to make a comeback.

For the ladies we can expect graphic prints and designs on everything from flats to wedges. Paired with the trendy new leather pant styles, these are sure to be a stunner.  As we move into summer, look for great sandals and heels to pair with high-waisted shorts and cropped tops.


This year the airwaves are already flooded with new releases from new artists and veterans alike. As much as last year was about the established names in the industry, this year already looks like an awesomely creative mix of the new and the old.

Keep an eye open for Lupe Fiasco, Busta Rhymes, Andre 3000, Mac Miller and Pharrell Williams, Method Man and Redman and The Roots to offer up some new releases throughout the year. Wu-Tang Clan, T Pain, Waka Flocka Flame and Wiz Khalifa have also announced late 2014 releases.

New artists are poised to invade the scene, and some that are creating a lot of buzz are Brooklyn’s Astro, formerly known as The Astronomical Kid; Isaiah Rashad from Tennessee;Travi$ Scott, who worked with Kanye last year; and Vince Staples from Long Beach, California.

As we all know, trends come and go, and those that try to predict them with any accuracy come and go as well. However, one unique aspect of the hip hop community and its style is that it is constantly improving upon itself. There will always be the must have items during every season of the year, but hip hop style is one of the most personal styles out there.

Keep your personal style in mind when exploring these trends throughout 2014. Incorporate pieces into your collection so you create your own look. Scout new and unusual items to add to your outfits to keep everyone guessing, but, above all, make your look as much of a statement as you possibly can.

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Credit : Simon Hopes – stylist and fashion blogger