Risk Takers Clothing: A Brand Built upon Adolescent Entrepreneurship



What risk did you take today to catapult your tomorrow?  This concept is what the brains behind Risk Takers Clothing want us to be thinking about every day.  Risk Takers is a street wear brand that was born on West Coast but raised in East. Since 2012 they’ve been taking risks and expanding. The company was brought into existence by 22-year-old Hampton University student Darrol Mitchell. They will be releasing their new Spring 2014 collection, which will feature some new inspiring messages.  I wanted to know more about this brand that had bold prints and promoted education and elevation. So I did what any determined journalist would do; I called them up! Here are the highlights of that conversation.

Kiera Renee: What was the inspiration behind the development of Risk Takers?

Risk Takers: I was very young at thRisk Takerse time, maybe like 16 but I always knew that I wanted to start a clothing line and I always knew that I wanted to do something big with that clothing line, not necessarily make a whole bunch of money and become famous over it. I wanted to individually influence my peers and motivate my peers to go out and do something better than they would normally do. I wanted them to go out and attack their dreams.

So I said who is someone who doesn’t hesitate and someone who is serious when it comes to attacking their goals and their dreams but their not necessarily dreaming anymore but actually going out and getting it even though they might be young. This person doesn’t wait until they get older to pursue their dreams, they do it right now. That person is a risk taker in my eyes. So I wanted to create a clothing line that embodied the whole attitude and mentality that of type of life.

KRWhat does it mean to be a Risk Taker?

RT: A risk taker is one who follows intuition, inner thoughts and ask upon opportunities when presented to them. A risk taker never hesitates when their goal is right in front of them, even though people might doubt them, even though people might fade on them and discriminate them. They already know exactly what they want to do which is take over everything and take that risk.

Risk Takers ClothingKR: Tell me about a risk that you’ve taken so far with the company?

RT: The biggest risk I’ve taken with the company is leaving my hometown and my city of Los Angeles to expand my market nation wide. It was something that I always knew that I wanted to do. I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle and step outside of my comfort zone and take an even bigger risk that could or could not pay off in the future.  So I decided to attend Hampton University knowing nobody on the east coast.  I brought my clothing line to the east coast and I started to branch out and see what opportunities would land in front of me.

KR: What are you doing differently with your upcoming collection?

RT: In our last collection we told the story of the Los Angelino which was the story about a young entrepreneur heading back home an putting their city on the map. Next were going to focus on the individual that makes it happen.  This section of the new collection is called Risk Taker Gang.  These are the people who support clothing lines through thick in thin, we wanted to give something back to the loyal followers. This new series is all about positive movements, support and of course the risks.  In addition to that we will be launching the Bet Your life series.risk takers  “What ever your willing to do, whatever your doing right now are you willing to bet your life on it?”- Risk Takers

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