Global Neffwork: Slovakian Talent, Sofia Kopalova is a Force to be Reckoned With!



The talented and charming Sofia Kopalova

Sofia Kopalova isn’t just another Slavic performer, but a classically trained and much loved singer and an accomplished actress. Able to speak 6 languages, she is rapidly making her way in showbiz. Born in Bratislava, Slovakia, she got into performance at a very early age through her mother, who happens to be an all-round artist herself. Sofia Kopalova’s earliest performances date back to her elementary school years when she sang and played the piano and flute. In the later years, she started to perform in plays. Her first big break into acting happened when she starred in the play “Die Rauber” by German playwright Friedrich Schiller, in which she played the role of Razmann. Shortly after moving to California, USA in 2011, she enrolled in The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and received exacting trainings for 3 years from some of the country’s best teachers.

She also attended the Actors Comedy Studio for more acting lessons and audition techniques. Speaking of acting, Sofia gets her inspiration as an actor from such seasoned actors as Jared Leto, Edward Norton, and Whoopi Goldberg. While asked who would she like to be paired onscreen with, an elated Sofia said, “My ideal co-star would definitely be Jared Leto. He is one of the most intense and talented actors out there.” Adding Jared Leto at the top of the list of her ideal following, she unassumingly accredits, “I also appreciate working with people who are much better than me, he definitely is better than me. He is the kind of co-star from whom I could learn a lot and I really love to learn.” As for her own accomplishments to date, she attributes her success to all the influential and leading roles she played in more than 10 theatrical plays over the past 5 years. From classics like “The Miser” and “The Importance of Being Earnest” to such contemporary plays as “Almost, Main” and “The Music Lesson” to Musicals such as “Strange Bedfellows” all add up to create an impressive portfolio for Sofia. However, she attributes her greatest success by far to being cast as her onscreen homophonic namesake Sofia, a leading role on the popular Spanish court show “Caso Cerrado”, being televised on Telemundo Network.

More recently, she has been cast in a commercial for Turtle Beach headphones. Given the Turtle Beach’s popularity among the gaming aficionados, it is expected that the commercial will give her career an exponential highlight. For a hexa-lingual and muti-talented rapidly rising star like Sofia, it’s no wonder that her times are filled with ongoing and forthcoming projects. She has a couple of short films on hand, and will be seen featuring in a film “Gangs” slated for release in 2015. And what’s more, she seems excited about the web-series “Classics on Camera” in which she will be seen playing the leading role as Bolette. The series will go live in a couple of months. Parallel to maintaining her busy schedule, she has extended her hand toward charities. She has generously supported the Thirst Projects this year, and plans to do the same next year to a much greater degree. In addition, she is very willing to support no kill shelters in order to have more of them in the U.S. and Europe. When asked what would be her advice to the aspiring newcomers in performing arts, she replied in her natural spiritually stimulated tone: “Keep working hard, never give up, believe in yourself, and don’t stop going after your dreams.”

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