An Interview with Mode Entertainment Founder & Talent Manager, @DannyMSiyoum!



Please introduce yourself to the readers and tell us how the idea came about for Mode Entertainment? 

The idea for Mode has always been my goal but actually starting the company was a struggle within itself. I worked for an amazing management firm in LA but after some major changes took place at the firm, I took the step to make my own changes. It wasn’t an easy decision but with some guidance from some amazing colleagues, I started Mode Entertainment not only as management firm but also as a production company.

Who inspired you growing up to follow your dreams? 

My mother. She has always pushed me and my siblings to always go after what we want because no matter if we fail or succeed she will always be there as our safety net. I think it’s one of the reasons my siblings and I are so close and can turn to each other anytime.

What is the most interesting experience for you, being a part of Mode Entertainment? Do you see a different side of the industry?

The most interesting experience is the relationship with my clients, is that they become like family to me and I am very hands on with each of them watching them succeed I think is the best feeling, I get. It’s like a parent watching their child graduate or get married. It’s that special of a moment. Like any business, there is a good and bad side, but I surround myself with amazing people so it limits the bad side of the business.

You have an amazing list of talent at Mode Entertainment. What helps in making the final decision when choosing the clientele? 

Thank you! And yes I do have amazing clients lol! I have had amazing help in finding my clients. Coppelia Tingley who mentors actors has sent me some amazing young actors and also, when I sit with an actor and talk with them, within 5 seconds, I can tell if we would click and also if I can help them. I wont work with fame hungry actors who are just after fame, fortune and parties.  

What can we expect to see more of in the future for Mode Entertainment and the company?

Well for starters more of our clients on the big screen and Television shows. We will also be producing few films and shows. We have four that are in development at the moment. Mode will also be expanding with opening offices in London, England and Sydney, Australia. Right now, we have two offices in both Los Angeles and New York. 

What would be the best advice you could give to budding Entrepreneurs out there? 

Understand that starting out, it’s all on you and make sure you have a great support system and people to turn to for advice and help. It’s a lot of stress but it’s the best feeling you will ever have. Mode isn’t a job for me it’s my first love and takes precedence over everything in my life and I’m very fortunate to have an amazing family and friends who understand that. Mode will always come first at the moment!

Mode Entertainment is a Talent Management firm and Production company with the sole purpose to bring not only quality talents but projects to the entertainment industry and the world.

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