Latin Singer, Cecilia Noël, Releases an ALL Cuban Cast Album; ”Havana Rocks”



La Peruana cantante, Cecilia Noël returns with her newest album, Havana Rocks, a Latin-infused collection of American classics recorded in Havana Cuba, with special permission from the US Government, with an all Cuban cast of musicians and singers. Together, Noël and crew combine elements of salsa, soul, jazz, funk, and afro-cuban music to deliver an infectious Latin takes on 80’s classic rock ‘n roll hits. The album includes covers of Devo’s “Whip It,”  Gary Numan’s “Cars” and ACDC’s “You Shook Me,” all propelled by deep percussive grooves and Noël’s rich and appealing alto vocals.

“I call what I do ‘hardcore salsa’ because nowadays there is a lot of romantic salsa but I’m more of a punk salsa singer.”Says Noël of her style.

Cecilia Noël – “You Shook Me All Night Long”

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