Forbez’ Taxstone to Joe Buddens “This n!gga is retarded, son” then Walks Out Interview!



Taxstone Goes Off On Joe Budden After He Refuses To Answer Question “WTF Is Wrong With This Retarded N!gga?” Joe Walks Out On Interview

Joe Budden appeared on the latest “Tax Season” podcast on Tuesday, October 27th. Things quickly spun out of control when Taxstone asked him if he had an album coming out. The problem is, Joe’s All Love Lost project had already been released nearly two weeks ago.

Joe refused to answer the question, presumably because Tax didn’t know that. At that point, Taxstone, throws professionalism out of the window and begins to insult the Slaughterhouse emcee.

Yo, what is wrong with this dude son?” Taxstone says.

Are you going to continue to scream in this way?” Joe asks.

I’m asking you a question. What is wrong with you son?” Tax continues. “What the f*ck is wrong with this n!gga, son?.

At that point Joe decided to cut the interview short, but Taxstone continued ranting.


This n!gga’s crazy, so let’s end this sh!t,” Tax says, finally agreeing with Joe on something. “I’m asking this n!gga a f*cking question. This n!gga is retarded, son. What type of sh!t is this?

Do you think Joe Budden overreacted?

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