Globble Up: McDonald’s Big Mac Sushi for the Holidays!



Master Chef Hiroyuki Terada has taken the crown jewel of the McDonald’s menu and created Big Mac Sushi.

You’ll likely have plenty of questions. That’s normal. Inspiration like this is sometimes hard to comprehend. According to Terada, a cheeseburger roll was one of the most requested experiments for his web show, Will itSushi? Needless to say, he tackled the challenge with ease—slicing the bun into a thin strips simulating the seaweed wrap of a piece of sushi, then re-engineering the sandwich into the work of art we expect sushi to be.

A few fries offset the colors and added some starch and crunchiness, like a tempura, then Terada added an element not normally associated with the Big Mac when he added some fresh avocado and tomato.

Now when you’re heading to the Golden Arches this Thanksgiving, you can be soothed by the fact that all you need is a bamboo sushi rolling mat and you too can be an enlightened eater of the Big Mac.

Too bad there’s probably no store open to sell you a bamboo sushi rolling mat on Thanksgiving.

Special Thanksgiving Miracle bonus: Terada used turkey, grilled onions, mashed potatoes, gravy and asparagus to create his Thanksgiving Roll, which looks delicious and needs to become a thing across the world.

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