Rob Gronkowski and Hailey Clauson Cover GQ’s June Issue [Pics]



Rob Gronkowski has not been shy about showing fans what he’s been up to this offseason, with his adventures being front and center on his new Instagram account.

GQ decided to take his party travels to Miami and got him cozy with Hailey Clauson (of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit fame) to grace the cover of their magazine, making their entire spread a spring break bender thanks to the photography work of Peggy Sirota. The two could be seen flashing one another, skinnydipping in the ocean with each other, having pool parties and having a grand ol time. But what else do you expect, it’s about to be summer vacation.

You can read the interview with Gronk next week, but you can check out a video of Hailey in swimsuits above, as well as some of the spread from their cover.

Check out the pics below:

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