NEMES ‘The Vibes’ Mixtape Vol.1



NEMES released his first mixtape titled “THE VIBES Vol 1” on April 2016. NEMES is a Rap Recording Artist based in Los Angeles where he grew up. Like most minorities raised in LA, his past consists of a murdered father who was never really there, foster home vacations, and “youthful indiscretions”.

Given his life experiences, Hip-Hop was the genre in which he naturally gravitated to the most. He used and continues to use it to express his experiences, aspirations, and triumphs which can be felt throughout his music. The mixtape was titled, THE VIBES,  due to the different diverse themes of each track.

“You can go from listening about a story of a deceased lover, to turning up, to empowerment, to overcoming, to a song about a girl that you want to fuck like you hate,” NEMES quotes.

Each track will make you catch a different VIBE , thus the tile ‘THE VIBES‘. Volume 1 is just the prelude of more to come out of the Crown Musik Lab. NEMES is currently working on a new project and Spanish Mixtape while writing songs for other artist’s as well. Check out THE VIBES mixtape below!


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