Running the NC: JMAR



Damon Jamar Bostick known by the rap name “J-mar” started his professional life as a footballer but once he came into the Music world he has given his all to his music and songwriting. We had an opportunity to have conversation with him .

How did you enter into the Music Industry? What’s the story behind it?

J-Mar : How I entered the music industry was something simple .. I’ve loved rap every since the 90s when my dad used to let me listen to NWA . I’ve always loved rap music, so it was easy knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Even though back then I never pursued it like now, I always knew in my mind I wanted to a rapper or do something in the music industry. I have a great story to tell and that’s how all my music comes out with passion because it’s heart felt. My dad and uncle were my inspiration, because they rapped and I would hear stories of how good they were from them or even,other people. So I, from that moment on, knew I wanted to pursue the same dream they tried to pursue at one point …

We’ve heard you have been writing poetry since childhood. Is it true?

J-Mar : I wouldn’t say poetry because I definitely would be lying if I said that … But I would scribble lines as if I was writing a rap because I would see it on t.v. or hear other rappers talking about how they jot on a pen and pad so I did it myself .. Except I wasn’t writing anything it was all scribble as if I was writing something.

You used to be a footballer. Do you miss it or has music taken over now?

J-Mar : Yes football was a like … Never a love …But it was a strong like. I played all my life really pursued it in high school … I achieved a lot of honors including 2x all conference, all county, all North/South carolina, league all state and all state honors … As well as 2 tv awards to go along,with invitations to 2 all star games but couldn’t play in either due to shoulder surgery … Had a strong offer from duke but my SAT grades wouldn’t allow me to go there so I ended up going to Virginia union university alongside my brother for a couple months then I dropped out because I realized school is not what I want to do without playing sports. the music has definitely taken over I’m my life as far as that because I have more than a strong like for music. I have a love and a passion for it. Not just to make songs to make dollars. I make everything that comes from the heart and everything real that everybody whether you’re black, white, blue, purple or yellow can relate to .

Tell us a little about “Imma Get Mine” 

J-Mar : lmma Get Mine was solely a song about overcoming hate and to stop worrying about me or as the title says. Basically imma get mine … My dad actually came up with the name of the song … I threw together the concept and it just formed a masterpiece … Even though it’s uptempo and fun, when people actually take the time and,listen to the lyrics they will see I have a message … A strong message.



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