Vicente Fernández Corrido: Mexican Singer Comes Out Of Retirement To Back Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]



Just when we thought Vicente Fernández was taking a break, he makes a comeback and releases a new corrido in support of Hillary Clinton. Chente teamed up with Latino Victory Project to put together this song in which he tells Latino voters “your voice is your vote,” adding “juntos se puede,” or together we can. Fernández takes a veiled shot at Trump saying that with Clinton as president the community will always “have a bridge.” “It hurt my country that someone insulted us,” he says driving the point home. “Hillary we’re with you.”

“We are overjoyed to partner with one of the most prolific and talented recording artists in Latin America and the United States,” said Martín Diego García, Latino Victory Project director of campaigns. “Vicente Fernández is a true legend who has earned the respect and admiration of the Latino community in the United States through a special mutual bond forged by his captivating music. He has inspired generations of Latinos with his music, and now he has stepped in to inspire us to vote in November and make our voices heard in this election.  Vicente’s call to action is a powerful reminder that Secretary Clinton is the only candidate who will respect and work with the Latino community, and he is proud to stand with her.”

“El corrido de Hillary Clinton” starts with Fernández speaking about Latino unity, before breaking into his support for Clinton. Here is a quick translation of what Chente sings:

I am Latino
Through and through
So proud of that.
And I’ll remind you, my brother,
We need to unite, hand in hand.
Until Hillary Clinton
Is guaranteed a victory.
We are an important family
That always moves forward.
My freedom, my rights
Hillary respects them.
With her as President,
We will always have a bridge.
My people were hurt
By someone who insulted us.
Hillary, we are with you.
You can count on our vote.
You will be our voice
When you become President.

The song’s melody is very similar to “Los Mandados,” a Fernández hit about a migrant crossing the United States-Mexico border and being captured by immigration officials. Check it out below.

It’s actually no surprise Fernández came out to support Clinton. At his retirement concert earlier this year he took on Trump and said he would spit in his face if he saw him. Fernández closes out the son and its accompanying video saying “Mrs. Clinton, I’m here to ask you that when you win the presidency, don’t forget about all of my Mexican and Latin-American brothers. A hug, and I’ll go visit you when you’re president.”

Fernández’s iconic career in the music and film industry in Latin America and the United States spans more than 40 years, and he is an influential figure in the Latino community. He is the most recognized recording artist in his genre, ranchera music or regional Mexican music as it is known in the United States. Throughout his stellar career, Fernández  has recorded 100 albums, sold nearly 70 million copies, and has won 8 Latin Grammys, 2 Grammys and 14 Premios lo Nuestro, among many others. He was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Generations of Latinos in the United States have embraced Fernández’s profound and melancholic songs, and he is considered a living legend and icon. 

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