Lessons in Fashion Badassery, as Illustrated by Gigi Hadid



These days, Gigi Hadid is all grown up and looking pretty badass while she’s at it. 

You wouldn’t expect the world’s most famous supermodel to be sticking to run-of-the-mill skinny jeans and bomber jackets just like everyone else, would you? That might have been the 21-year-old’s MO a year ago, but since becoming the queen of street style, not to mention dating bad boy Zayn Malik, Gigi is anything but basic. In fact, it’s pretty clear the modelmarches struts to the beat of her own drum, which, of course, makes us like her even more.

This, ladies and gentleman, is a lesson in badassery, as illustrated by Gigi.

ESC: Gigi Lessons, Gigi Hadid
Rule number one: If everyone else can have it, don’t buy it. Sure those skinny jeans show off your god-given curves. But by going that route, you run the risk of being caught in a who-wore-it-best battle and, quite frankly, you just don’t need that kind of negativity. Ripped denim wears, rips and frays over time, making your pair uniquely yours. So even if the copycats come around (and they will), they’ll never have a pair that looks just like yours.

ESC: Gigi Lessons, Gigi Hadid
When winter rolls around, most girls part ways with ittly-bitty separates, like silk dresses, denim cutoffs and racy bralettes—but not Gigi. Bulk might be practical for the cold, but it’s not chic. To cover up and to still feel like the boss babe you are, faux fur does the trick. It’s over the top (the way you like it) and goes well with your I-see-you-looking mentally.

ESC: Gigi Lessons, Gigi Hadid
Having really good hair is a blessing, so if you happen to have it, don’t waste it. And if you don’t, there’s such a thing as hair vitamins and extensions. Whether it’s your day off and you’re letting your mane fly free or you’re securing it up into a dominatrix-inspired braided pony, any true badass knows that her hairstyle introduces her before all else, so it better be fierce. 

ESC: Gigi Lessons, Gigi Hadid
Know the difference between giving away the goodies and teasing it out a bit. When it comes to showing skin, commit to one area and keep the rest covered. Gigi favors her midsection and her legs, but the choice is yours. Oh, and don’t forget to bronze it. If you’re naturally pale, cool. But let’s be real: Everyone looks better with a subtle glow, especially in winter. 

ESC: Gigi Lessons, Gigi Hadid
Having a signature style is pretty dope, but the last thing you want is for your POV to get stale. For the heck of it and to keep it fresh, roll in risky pieces that most wouldn’t dare to wear. Gigi’s PVC pants are a little S&M, but in a Rihanna kind of way. You can make the same impact with bright colors, dangerously high shoes or anything else that says you just don’t give a damn.

ESC: Gigi Lessons, Gigi Hadid
OK, maybe it’s not your abs, but admit it: There’s one area on your bod that you’re always proud to show off. It could be your sculpted stems, your dainty ear lobes or your sparkling eyes. Whatever it is, highlight it. And if it is in fact your midsection, girl, you best be cropping your own shirts, tying up all your tees and wearing low slung denim every day.

ESC: Gigi Lessons, Gigi Hadid
Smiling is fun when it’s natural and you mean it, but sometimes you just want to disengage. You don’t have be outright rude. You don’t have to exert effort into being pleased all the time either. There’s a time and a place, people. And for those times when you simply want to get from point A to B without interruption, slide on some tinted sunnies for an incognito look that says not today buster.

Class is dismissed!

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