Watch Shia LeBeouf Drop A Stunning Freestyle On Sway In The Morning



Shia LeBeouf has bars? Aside from Tuesday’s election news, this may not be the most surprising thing you watch all week.

The eccentric actor took a break from promoting his upcoming film Man Down to spit a surprisingly dope freestyle as a guest on Sway In The Morning. He drops seemingly off-the-top rhymes over a barrage of beats by his favorite three MCs: Missy Elliott, Notorious B.I.G., and 2Pac. It’s often tough to tell if rhymes like this are truly off the top of the head; after all, the name drops of Sway and co-host Heather B. could have been written in. But the rhymes are there either way – and even for skeptics who may think the lyrics were ghostwritten, the flows and mic presence were on point.

After the freestyle, Sway crowns him as the “number one MC in Hollywood.”

In the interview, LeBeouf speaks about growing up listening to Wreckx-n-Effect, Heavy D and 2Pac, falling in love with hip-hop culture growing up, and admits that hip-hop was a passion before acting was. He even speaks about his close friendship with the late Definitive Jux rapper/producer Camu Tao, and how Camu “walked (him) through hip-hop.” Another highlight is seeing LeBouf, who has been around Hollywood elite for more than a decade, get visibly nervous when the hosts call DJ Premier and RZA on their cell phones to introduce him. There are hip-hop heads from all walks of life, but it’s still fascinating to hear Shia LeBeouf’s journey with the culture.

Watch the freestyle and the full interview below.

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