Gina Rodriguez Talks About Accepting Love, Why She Won’t Take Certain Roles and How She Got Her Start in Acting



In Gina Rodriguez’s interview with Marie Claire, she’s made one thing crystal clear—it isn’t about the money for her. 

The 32-year-old star says she’s made a critical choice, “I decided I was going to take roles that progressed the image of Latinos in the industry, and I was going to choose those roles over money. I wanted to make sure I was contributing positively and not allowing limitations to dampen my experiences and my journey.”

The Jane the Virgin star, who recently opened up to Health about living with Hashimoto’s disease, says she’s currently working on accepting love. 

“I’m constantly working on the part of myself that doesn’t feel like ‘enough.’ This relationship has been possible because, for the past six months, I have vowed to work on loving myself,” she explained. “I want to know that I don’t need another to be full. So that whenever another person, an endorsement, or a project comes into play, they are an addition, not filling a need for value or fulfillment or worth or love. Because if I do that, I will forever be hungry.”


In the sit-down interview, the star revealed that the road to acting wasn’t exactly an easy road for her.

“My path wasn’t laid out for me in my family or my culture because there are so few of us in the industry. That’s how my whole career happened. Your eyes are open; you don’t know what the next answer is going to be, but you’re open. And you take every opportunity that comes your way,” she explained. 

The week the already Golden Globe-winning actress received her third Golden Globe nomination. 

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