Exodus Swift Hits Hard with New TV Show


Bringing in the new year strong! That is a term we can apply to Exodus Swift. Exodus Swift has been releasing music from his independent label for years. After parting ways with his former major label, he decided to remain independent. This was a great business move on Exodus Swift’s behalf because he gained notary as an established producer, writer, composer, and lyricist in his music genre. He also became a published author of several poetry books and his music is available everywhere music is sold. It’s safe to say that Exodus Swift has already made his way to our ears.

Now, my fellow readers, Exodus Swift has made his way onto our tv screens. He is the host of a tv show titled ‘All Hip Hop with Exodus Swift‘ that airs on WHPR TV 33 in Michigan. Here he interviews upcoming music artists, entertainers, actors, actresses, and anyone that is famous. Not only is he showing a different side of himself with his jokes and sense of humor, but he’s building a whole new fanbase. ‘All Hip Hop with Exodus Swift‘ brings back a feel of ‘The Basement‘ that use to air on Bet.  So when your at home and you don’t want the pollution that is commonly produced by tv networks today, turn your channels to WHPR TV 33 and watch ‘All Hip Hop with Exodus Swift‘. You can also binge watch the show on YouTube. Simply type in TV 33 on Demand and scroll down to find it. 


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