Biance Badd is the Queen Of Detroit


What do you get when  you combine brains, beauty, and talent? The answer is Biance Badd.

If this name has not come across your playlist yet, then you need to add it. Biance Badd is a singer / songwriter that has been making some very big moves. This young beautiful multi talented lady has hit with one hot release after another. Not to mention she has everyone in Detroit literally kicking down her door to work with her. On top of releasing some very hot records and videos. She also manages to help other up and coming artist with their music. Generally in the music business, we ask the question of is this the next? The next Beyoncé, the next 2pac, the next Eminem, the next great star. When you think of Biance Badd. You can clearly see that is not the next. And that’s because she is better. She is a better singer than a lot of the mainstream artists. She is a better songwriter than a lot of the mainstream artists. She is a better dancer than a lot of the mainstream artists. And overall Biance Badd is a breath of fresh air. And to add to all of the current success she has so far. She recently was crowned “Queen Of Detroit“.

Ladies and gentlemen this is a artists to keep your eyes and ears on. Go check out Biance Badd.

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Watch Her Latest Video “Faded

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