GLOBAL NEFFWORK ISRAEL: Z Quest performs “Haven” in The Barzelim live session


HAVEN is an original song from Z Quest’s upcoming second album,
Performed live at the “Barzelim session” 2016. 

Z Quest are an Indie Electro- Rock Duo consisting of Adir Benezra & Galor Taite.
Two multi instrumental musicians, producers & vocalists from Israel. Z Quest’s live shows are a unique experience that drifts from a solid rock show to a dreamy electro party. It features multi-instrumental live music and audio sampling, clashing hypnotic beats and bursting guitars.

After working for 2 years in their recording studio,  their debut album “Ashes of Plain” was released in June of 2016 along with a special summer “album launch tour” throughout Europe. Over the past year Z Quest have performed live in various venues such as: Fontain Festival (LT), Tune in Tel Aviv (IL), Yearot Menashe Festival (IL),Artillery Basement (LT), and Rock City Festival (IL).

Filmed by Dima Haver.
Video edit by Galor Taite.
Lyrics by Galor Taite.
Written and produced by Z Quest.
Edited, Mixed & Mastered by Z Quest.
Metal Art by Jacob Dorchin.



Z QUEST “Ashes of Plain” | BOOKING

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