Melody Renee -‘Keep It Moving’


Positivism (n) “a quality or state characterized by certainty or acceptance or affirmation and dogmatic assertiveness”. As a survivor of neglect and child abuse, Melody Renee cogitates her experiences in a positive way through her music to embody this philosophy. One could spend an entire lifetime over-analyzing the past and trying to understand the pot holes & bumps in the road of life. Returning to her ethnic roots, Melody Renee uses this catchy tune to inspire others to “Keep It Moving”. Traditional Island rhythm incorporated with a gallant pop ballad & a splash of Hip Hop add to this melting pot of musical harmony. Good music + a positive message, a rarity in this age of turn-up & narcissistic popular-ism, Melody Renee is sure to get your mind, body & soul writhing.


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