CM17 Sho Sho “Burial Season Volume 1”


What happens when you mix a lethal concoction of grime, hip hop and all four elements of earth/fire/wind/water? A very angry rapper that is ready to take anybody down, whether he’s on your side or your worst enemy.

“Burial Season Volume 1” – no better choice of words could summarise the title of CM17 Sho Sho’s brand new mixtape, his first ever package of new material since his 2014 spin-off mixtape debut “Dreams To Be Realised”; and better yet, we find him at the peak of his game. He starts off by saying that he really is back from the dead, and follows it through with everything you would expect: rapid-fire wordplay, syllabic tongue twisters and explosive content. But the main thing that you should know when approaching this particular body-of-work; CM17 doesn’t play games: with harsh words about the state of the government, to calling out every top tier MC in both the grime and hip hop scene, he really is out for blood.

Nothing sounds better than having a 19 year old rapper, hailing from Brighton (South East England), being completely confident in his technical and lyrical abilities; proving that he really can go toe-to-toe with some of the best in the game. He’s no rookie, he knows what he wants and he sure isn’t afraid to go and get it by any means necessary. The lightning mode is real folks.

With production ranging from Chris Mandiangu (the founder & CEO of Sho Sho Kudo Music), Eminem, Mobb Deep, DJ Q and the legendary grime producers Maniac & Lolingo; no instrumental on earth can send CM17 Sho Sho off the edge than this lethal selection of beats!

You have no choice but to download this mixtape… And we suggest you do so immediately.


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